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Self-discipline boosting
Tracy is 29 years old, she works as a project manager, takes advanced training courses, travels. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic that has overtaken the world, Tracy, like many, began to work remotely and spend more time at home, which relaxed her and undermined self-discipline, because while you are at home, it is very difficult to stay focused on work. The Brite app motivates Tracy to become more self-organized and helps her to be productive even at home.
The reason for searching for an assistant app
The pandemic turned the whole world upside down and affected everyone's life. Tracy is no exception. After she had to work from home, she completely lost motivation and productivity. There are so many distracting things at home: books, TV, cooking - Tracy wanted to devote time to these things, not work, which significantly affected her career.
After the transfer to the remote, I completely relaxed and my business went into decline. It costs a lot of effort to concentrate on work at home, because there are so many distractions. After I missed several deadlines, I realized that I urgently needed an assistant in structuring my day. According to reviews, I found Brite, after that, my work returned to its former course, and life became better.
Functions for self-discipline
The Brite app has a wide range of functionality for different types of needs. Tracy's priority was productivity and a clear distinction between working and personal time.
Every evening I open Brite and bring in everything I need for tomorrow:
✔️Project assignments and any working moments in the "work tasks"
✔️Call, meetings and deadlines in the „calendar“
When I have fully organized the "working day", I go to "personal tasks" and mark everything there that I will need to do around the house tomorrow.
Thus, working and personal time is organized already in the evening, which allows Tracy to be focused on work one half of the day at home, and devote the other half to herself.
So that sitting at home does not seem monotonous, I fill out my mood diary every morning, and if I notice any negative changes compared to previous days, I increase the number of meditations per day, which is also convenient to do with Brite. This way I manage to maintain a balance and not burn out in work or household chores.
Ease of use
Tracy uses the app on both her phone and iPad. On the iPad, she writes down all her tasks and plans for tomorrow, and during the day she uses a phone that is always at hand and a notification on which she will definitely not miss.
It is convenient for me to use Brite on two devices, on one to fill out everything in the evening, and on the other to track progress throughout the day. The app does not cause any difficulties, everything is intuitive and comfortable. Using it, I combine business with pleasure.
The world is unpredictable and no one ever knows how the next day will turn out for him. Tracy was initially confused because of the global changes in her life and her work schedule was completely knocked down, but the Brite app helped her regain strength and motivation to work.