What's new
Brite comes with dozens of features that can be customized for any work or personal purpose. And many features are already in development.
Personal tasks
Add a widget with personal tasks to your daily schedule: make to-do lists and don't forget anything important
Work Tasks
Be more productive at work: create to-do lists, sort by projects, and set reminders
Habit tracker
Develop good habits and track your progress. Our widget offers over 80 present habits.
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Use projects to organize your tasks and make collaborations with others
Goals Tracker
Write down your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals so that you can reach them faster!
Focus mode
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Have a free moment? Dedicate it to meditation. This useful widget will allow you to follow a meditation lesson with one simple click and will save your progress.
Budget app
Do you wonder how your money runs out so quickly? Start tracking your spending with a handy and minimalistic finance widget.
Idea Journal
Each of us is full of fruitful ideas! Save all your creative ideas in this diary. And go back to your notes for self-reflection.
Mood Diary
Capture your feeling and reasons for its change. Take small notes and record your thoughts. This widget allows you to keep track of your past feelings and statistics of your mood.
Use board view to structure tasks and projects
Photo Journal
Capture the mood of the day with a picture. Add a new photo every day and come back to view your feed of past photos with the help of this widget.
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Set the date and keep track of important events and appointments
A variety of task prioritization features
Difficulty Level
Set the difficulty level for a task or project
Built-in timers
You can set a time frame for completing a task
Daily Note
Keep small notes while on-the-go throughout the day. You can later return to them using this widget.
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Keep the weather in mind when making your plans. This handy weather widget will help you figure out how to dress for the day.
Calendar Sync
Sync events and tasks from Brite with your calendars.
Filters and categories
Filter your tasks, events, projects and other entities by category or label
Mobile app
Try out our mobile app to stay productive on the go
Use Brite with colleagues and friends. Create and share task lists and projects, track progress. Use the built-in secure messenger
Files attachment
Upload pictures, videos and files to any task, project, document.
Markdown editor
Create notes or documents in a style of your own. Use the powerful markdown editor available in Brite
Share tasks and docs, invite other users to the project.