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Optimize Team Productivity: Manage Tasks, Projects, Schedules, and Documents All in One Place

Brite Teams brings together all the essential tools your team needs to stay organized, collaborate efficiently, and hit every goal. Say goodbye to app clutter and hello to seamless team productivity.
  • Unified Task Management
  • Where Small Teams Achieve Big Dreams
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Habit & Goal Tracking
  • Cross-Device Synchronization:
Unified Task Management
Centralize your team's tasks, projects, and deadlines. Easily assign tasks, set priorities, and track progress to keep everyone on the same page.
Why Choose Brite Teams?
All-in-One Productivity
Combine project management, mood tracking, and more in one seamless app.
Boost Efficiency
Easily scalable to add members and customize as your team evolves.
Grow with Brite
Our team is here to help you succeed
Mobile-First Design
Exceptional on all devices, perfect for on-the-go productivity.

Elevate Your Team's Workflow with Advanced Planning Tools

Explore the comprehensive suite of Brite's tools designed for team efficiency. With over 20 dynamic features, Brite ensures that every aspect of your team's planning and collaboration is integrated and streamlined for use on any device.
Unlimited Reminders and Task Management
Add a widget with personal tasks to your daily schedule: make to-do lists and don't forget anything important
Work Tasks
Be more productive at work: create to-do lists, sort by projects, and set reminders
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Use projects to organize your tasks and make collaborations with others
Goals Tracker
Write down your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals so that you can reach them faster!
Focus mode
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Use board view to structure tasks and projects
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Set the date and keep track of important events and appointments
A variety of task prioritization features
Difficulty Level
Set the difficulty level for a task or project
Built-in timers
You can set a time frame for completing a task
Daily Note
Keep small notes while on-the-go throughout the day. You can later return to them using this widget.
Full featured calendar with schedule, day, weekly and monthly view
Calendar Sync
Sync events and tasks from Brite with your calendars.
Filters and categories
Filter your tasks, events, projects and other entities by category or label
Mobile app
Try out our mobile app to stay productive on the go
Use Brite with colleagues and friends. Create and share task lists and projects, track progress. Use the built-in secure messenger
Files attachement
Upload pictures, videos and files to any task, project, document.
Markdown editor
Create notes or documents in a style of your own.. Use the powerful markdown editor available in Brite
Share tasks and docs, invite other users to the project.