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This turns out to be the customizable My Day view, which shows my tasks for the day, calendars (four of them, from various sources), habits that I’m working on, and ongoing projects, all in a single view.
@Kirkpatrick Arthurrs
I love the idea of having so much functionality and organization in one, central place.
@Sirita Alwisqfocs
This is like Google Calendar on steroids. It keeps me organized and it saves me a lot of time because I now can do everything from one single app.
@Andras Keenlysidexpdbl
It is a powerfully crafted, understated environment in which to map your life.
@Jamorris Sausmanyjfzg
It has really changed my life. At first I thought it would just be cool for journaling, but instead I ended up using it as a to-do app, planner, and habit and goal tracker
One easy to use app for tasks, projects, calendar, notes and personal productivity
A simple and great way to organize routines, with the ability to customize everything for yourself
@Walter Sand
The first productivity app with built-in meditation tracker!
@Kedrick Andr
Great design and user-friendly interface! Task management has never been so convenient!
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