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Adding a Project Widget to the Brite Main Screen 

Brite allows you to customize your main screen with various widgets, including the project widget. This feature enables you to have quick access to your projects right from the main screen, which is particularly useful for tracking progress or treating a project as a task list. Here's how you can add a project widget to the main screen in Brite:

Step 1: Accessing Widget Gallery

1. Open the Brite app and navigate to your main screen.
2. Tap on the "Edit" button located at the bottom of the screen. This action will open the widget gallery.

Step 2: Adding the Project Widget

1. In the widget gallery, scroll until you find the "Projects" widget.
2. Before adding it, you have the option to customize the widget. Tap on it to:
- Change the Name: If you prefer a specific name for the widget, like "My Active Projects" or "Work Tasks."
- Change the Color: Select a color that differentiates this widget from others on your main screen.
- Change the Icon: Pick an icon that represents the purpose of the projects you'll be tracking.
3. After customizing, tap on the "Add to Main Screen" button.

Step 3: Accessing Your Projects

  • Once added, the project widget will appear on your main screen. It will display all your projects currently in Brite, allowing you to quickly access them.

Why Add a Project Widget to Your Main Screen?

- Quick Access: Easily view and access your projects without navigating through the app.
- Progress Tracking: Keep an eye on project progress directly from your main screen.
- Customization: Personalize how your projects are displayed, making your main screen more functional and tailored to your needs.
By following these steps, you can effectively add a project widget to your Brite main screen, ensuring that your projects are always just a tap away. This adds a layer of convenience and efficiency to your project management process, allowing you to stay on top of your tasks effortlessly.