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Assigning Tasks to Team Members in Brite

Brite simplifies teamwork by enabling you to assign tasks to specific team members within your collaborative workspace. This feature enhances accountability and ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to assign tasks in Brite.

**Step 1: Navigate to Your Collaborative Workspace**

To start assigning tasks, you first need to be in the appropriate collaborative workspace. Switch to the workspace where you want to assign the task by clicking on your workspace name on the top or left sidebar and selecting the desired collaborative space.

**Step 2: Add or Select a Task**

- To Add a New Task: Click on the “+” button or the “Add Task” option within your chosen workspace. Enter the task details like the task name, description, and any other relevant information.
- To Select an Existing Task: Browse through the list of tasks in your workspace and click on the task you wish to assign to someone.

**Step 3: Access Task Details**

Once you’ve selected or created a task, you’ll be taken to the task’s detail card. This card contains all the information about the task, including its description, due date, and more.

**Step 4: Assign the Task**

Scroll down to the bottom of the task detail card until you find the “Assign Task” option. Click on it, and a dropdown menu will appear listing all the members of your collaborative workspace.

**Step 5: Choose a Team Member**

From the dropdown menu, select the team member you want to assign the task to. Once selected, their name will be attached to the task as the responsible person.

**Step 6: Confirm the Assignment**

After selecting the team member, make sure to save or confirm your changes. The assigned member will now be notified of the task assignment, depending on your workspace’s notification settings.

**Why Assign Tasks?**

Assigning tasks in Brite helps in clearly defining who is responsible for what, leading to better organization and efficiency within your team. It ensures tasks are completed on time, and team members can focus on their specific responsibilities without confusion.
Brite’s task assignment feature is designed to foster collaboration and streamline project management in a user-friendly way. By leveraging this feature, teams can work more cohesively and achieve their objectives more effectively.
Remember, for a task to be successfully assigned and managed, all team members should be part of the same collaborative workspace in Brite. Start assigning tasks today and enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration.