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Customizing the Main Screen in Brite for a Personalized Experience

Brite empowers users to tailor their productivity experience by customizing the main screen to fit their unique needs. The app's flexible design allows you to build your own personal productivity hub using a variety of widgets found in the widget gallery. Here's how you can personalize your Brite main screen for optimum efficiency.

Accessing the Widget Gallery

1. Start by Editing: Tap the "Edit" button located at the bottom of the main screen to enter edit mode.
2. Open the Widget Gallery: In edit mode, you'll see an option to access the widget gallery, which houses all the widgets available for customization.

Choosing and Customizing Widgets

1. Select Widgets: Browse the gallery and select the widgets you want to add to your main screen. Brite offers a wide range of widgets, including task creators for managing daily tasks, a calendar widget for tracking important dates, a habit tracking widget, a meditation widget, a budget widget, a scheduling widget, and many more.
2. Customize Your Widget: After selecting a widget, you can customize it by changing its name, color, and icon to match your personal style and preferences.
3. Add to Main Screen: Once you've tailored the widget to your liking, press the "Add to Main Screen" button. The widget will then appear on your main screen.

Rearranging and Removing Widgets

1. Rearrange Widgets: You can change the order of widgets on the main screen to prioritize what's most important to you. Simply drag and drop widgets to rearrange them.
2. Remove Unnecessary Widgets: If you find that certain widgets are not contributing to your productivity, you can remove them from the main screen by tapping the "Remove" button in edit mode.

Why Customize?

Customizing the main screen of Brite allows you to:
  • Focus on what's most important to you by prioritizing widgets that match your daily needs.
  • Achieve a clutter-free interface that enhances productivity and reduces distractions.
  • Personalize your productivity experience, making Brite truly your own.
By taking the time to customize the main screen, Brite users can ensure that the app serves as an effective and personalized productivity tool. Whether you're managing tasks, tracking habits, or planning your budget, Brite's customizable main screen puts your most essential tools right at your fingertips.