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Guide to Using Tags in Brite

Tags in Brite offer a flexible and efficient way to categorize and manage your tasks, notes, expenses, habits, and events. By utilizing tags, you can streamline your workflow, group related items, customize their appearance, and easily search your content. This guide will walk you through creating, managing, and using tags in Brite.

Creating Tags

The easiest way to create a tag is during the process of adding a new entity, such as a task or note.
1. Add a New Entity: Start by adding a new task, note, or any other item where you want to include a tag. This is typically done by pressing the "+" button in the respective widget or section.
2. Enter Details: Fill in the necessary details for your item, such as the task name or note content.
3. Add a Tag: Look for the tag icon or field within the creation menu. Type the name of your new tag. If it’s a new tag, you can simply type its name and press "Save" or the "+" button to create the tag and attach it to your item.

Managing Tags

Brite allows you to view, edit, and organize your tags easily.
1. Access Tags List: On the main screen, tap the button with three dots located at the top right corner to access the tags list. This will show you all your created tags.
2. Customize Tags: Within the tags list, you can customize each tag by changing its color, renaming it, or deleting tags you no longer need. To customize a tag, select it and choose the desired action.

Using Tags for Search and Organization

Tags make it easy to filter and find specific items within Brite.
1. Search by Tag: To find items associated with a specific tag, navigate to the tags menu and select the tag you want to search by. All items linked to that tag will be displayed, making it easier to locate related tasks, notes, or other entities.

Troubleshooting Tips

- Tags Not Appearing: If your tags are not showing up or you're experiencing issues with the tags feature, try refreshing the app’s settings. Go to the settings menu, find the "Reload" option, and press it to refresh the app's data.


Tags in Brite are a powerful way to categorize, organize, and retrieve your information efficiently. By mastering the use of tags, you can make your Brite experience even more productive and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're organizing tasks, notes, or tracking expenses, tags provide the flexibility to keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible.