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Guide to Using the Countdown Tracker Feature in Brite

The Countdown Tracker in Brite is an essential tool for anyone looking to keep track of significant upcoming events in their lives. Whether it's counting down to a birthday, an important deadline, or a personal goal, this feature helps you visualize the time remaining until these milestones. Here’s how you can make the most of the Countdown Tracker in Brite.

Step 1: Accessing the Widget Gallery

- Navigate to the Main Screen: Begin by locating and tapping the "Edit" button on the main screen of your Brite app. This action will open up the widget gallery.
- Find the Countdown Timer Widget: Scroll through the options until you find the Countdown Timer widget. This widget is your gateway to creating visual countdowns for upcoming events.

Step 2: Customizing and Adding the Widget

- Customization Options: Before adding the widget to your main screen, you have the option to personalize it. Feel free to change its name, icon, and color to suit the theme of the event you're counting down to.
- Add to Main Screen: Once you're satisfied with the customization, tap the "Add to Main Screen" button. The widget will then be visible on your main screen, ready for use.

Step 3: Creating New Countdown Events

- Initiate a New Event: Tap the "+" button located on the header of the Countdown widget to start creating a new event.
- Explore or Create: You'll be presented with a library of pre-built events and challenges categorized by themes such as health, education, and more. Choose an existing option or select "Create a New Event" to start from scratch.

- Set the Due Date: For a new event, specify the due date by tapping the pencil icon next to the date field, then selecting the exact date from the calendar pop-up.
- Personalize Your Event: Add a title, choose an icon, select a cover image, and write a brief description to give context to your countdown.
- Save Your Event: Confirm your details and save the event by tapping the "Save" button. The event will then be added to your Countdown widget, and the timer will begin.

Monitoring Your Countdowns

With each passing day, the countdown timer will automatically adjust, decreasing the number of days left until your event. This daily reminder helps you stay aware and prepared as the event approaches.


The Countdown Tracker feature in Brite is more than just a reminder tool; it’s a motivational aid that keeps you focused and excited about upcoming milestones. By incorporating countdowns into your daily view, you can maintain a sense of anticipation and make every day count as you approach your goals and special occasions. Start using the Countdown Tracker today and add an extra layer of organization and excitement to your planning routine.