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How to Create Multiple Reminders for Tasks, Events, or Habits in Brite 

In Brite, setting multiple reminders for tasks, events, or habits is a straightforward process that can help ensure you never miss important deadlines or activities. This article will guide you through creating a set of reminders for any entry within Brite.
Step 1: Access the Detail Section
  • Open Brite and navigate to the task, event, or habit you want to set reminders for.
  • Click on the entry to bring up its details.
Step 2: Set Your First Reminder
  • Scroll to the bottom of the detail card to find the "Reminders" button (usually symbolized by a bell icon).
  • Tap on the "Reminders" button to open the reminders setting page.
  • Here, you can choose the exact time you want the app to remind you about your task, event, or habit.
  • After selecting the time, tap on "Save" to set the reminder.
Step 3: Add More Reminders (Optional)
  • If you need more than one reminder for the same task, event, or habit, repeat the above steps.
  • Each time, set a different time for the new reminder and save accordingly.
Step 4: Manage Your Reminders
  • You can view, edit, or delete existing reminders by going back to the detail card and tapping on the "Reminders" button.
  • This will display all set reminders, where you can make any necessary changes.
By setting multiple reminders, you can tailor Brite to your schedule and ensure that you’re alerted at different times leading up to an event, task, or habit. This is particularly useful for critical deadlines, habit reinforcement, or events requiring advanced preparation.