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How to Show Completed Tasks on the Main Screen in Brite App

Keeping track of completed tasks can be just as important as managing your current to-do list. It helps you measure progress and stay motivated. The Brite app allows you to easily view your completed tasks right from the main screen. Here's how to enable this feature.

Steps to Show Completed Tasks on the Main Screen

1. Open the Brite App: Start by launching the Brite app on your device.
2. Access the Main Screen: Navigate to the main screen where your current tasks and events are displayed.
3. Open Menu Options: Locate the button with three dots at the top right corner of the screen. This button opens additional settings and options.
4. Toggle Completed Tasks: In the menu that appears, look for an option named "Show completed tasks." You'll find a switcher or toggle next to this option.
5. Enable Showing Completed Tasks: Tap the switcher or toggle to change its setting to "show." This action enables the display of completed tasks on your main screen.

What Happens Next

- Visibility of Completed Tasks: Once enabled, you will see your completed tasks listed on the main screen along with your current and pending tasks. This allows for a comprehensive overview of all your activities, both completed and in-progress.
- Easy Review: Viewing completed tasks on the main screen makes it easier to review your accomplishments and analyze your productivity over time.
- Motivation Boost: Seeing a list of tasks you've successfully completed can serve as a great motivational tool, encouraging you to tackle your current tasks with more enthusiasm.


- Holistic View: Showing completed tasks alongside pending ones offers a holistic view of your workload and accomplishments.
- Increased Productivity: By reflecting on what you've accomplished, you can better plan and prioritize future tasks.
- Satisfaction: There's a psychological benefit to seeing completed tasks; it can increase feelings of satisfaction and reduce stress.
Enabling the display of completed tasks on the Brite app's main screen is a simple yet effective way to keep track of your achievements and stay motivated. Follow these steps to make your productivity visible and keep your momentum going.