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How to Use Kanban Board View in Brite Projects

The Kanban Board in Brite is an effective tool for visualizing and managing the progress of tasks within your projects. Here’s a step-by-step guide to utilizing this feature for enhanced project management:

Step 1: Switch to Board View

  • Navigate to your project in Brite.
  • Above your task list, locate and select the “Board” tab to switch from the list view to the Kanban board view.

Step 2: Customize Your Workflow

- Add Columns: Click the “+ Add Column” button at the end of your board to create a new column. Name it according to a stage in your workflow (e.g., "Review").
- Rename Columns: Click on a column's title to edit it, tailoring the board to match your project’s stages.
- Change Column Colors: For easy identification, customize each column's color by clicking the paintbrush icon next to the column name.

Step 3: Manage Tasks

- Add Tasks: Click the “+” button within a column to add a new task directly to that stage of your project.
- Move Tasks Between Columns: Drag and drop tasks between columns to update their status as they progress through different stages.

Step 4: Edit and Assign Tasks

  • Click on any task to open its detailed view. Here, you can edit the task’s details or assign it to a team member. Confirm any changes by clicking “Save”.

Step 5: Reorder Columns

  • Click and hold a column's title, then drag it left or right to reorder the columns according to your project’s flow.

Step 6: Delete Columns

  • To remove a column and its associated tasks, click the three dots in the column's title bar and select “Delete”. Confirm deletion when prompted.

Step 7: Mobile and Web Functionality

  • The board view is optimized for both mobile and web. On mobile devices, use touch gestures to drag tasks across columns. On the web, click and drag tasks to their new status.

Additional Tips:

- Viewing Task Details: In addition to basic task management, you can click on any task in the board view to access and edit its full details, including descriptions, due dates, and attachments.
- Creating Subtasks: Enhance task organization by adding subtasks directly within the task detail view. This helps break down larger tasks into manageable actions.
- Custom Repetitions: Set tasks to repeat at custom intervals directly from the task detail view, ensuring recurring tasks are automatically scheduled.
By following these steps, you can effectively manage your projects using the Kanban board in Brite, keeping your team aligned and your projects on track.