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Mastering Task Management in Brite: Advanced Features

Brite's task management tool goes beyond the basics, offering a suite of advanced features to help users efficiently organize, prioritize, and manage their tasks. This article explores how to leverage tags, set priorities, assign difficulty levels, utilize focus mode, customize task colors, manage reminders and repetitions, attach files, and create subtasks to enhance productivity.

Setting Task Priority

Prioritize tasks by marking them as not important, important, or urgent. To set a task's priority:
1. Tap the task to open its detail card.
2. At the bottom, find the priority option in the tool panel.
3. Select the appropriate priority, which will then be displayed near the task's title for easy filtering.

Assigning Difficulty Levels

Classify tasks by difficulty to manage your workload effectively:
1. Open the task's detail card.
2. In the tool panel, tap the difficulty level icon.
3. Choose between easy, medium, difficult, or hard. This classification can help sort tasks by their challenge level.

Customizing Task Color

Change the task's color for better visual organization:
1. In the task detail card, find the color option in the tool panel.
2. Select a new color. The task list will update to reflect this change.

Managing Reminders

Set one or multiple reminders for a task to ensure you never miss a deadline:
1. In the task's detail card, locate the reminders option.
2. Set the date and exact time for your reminder. You'll receive a notification on your device and, soon, email reminders as well.

Setting Repetitions

For tasks that recur, set up custom repetitions:
1. Go to the task's detail card and find the repetitions option.
2. Choose the repetition frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or customize it according to your needs.

Attaching Files

Enhance tasks with attachments like PDFs, images, videos, or documents:
1. In the task's description section, tap the plus icon and select the file option.
2. Upload or select the file to attach it to the task.

Creating Subtasks

Break down tasks into manageable subtasks:
1. In the task's detail card, tap the plus icon near the title.
2. Enter the subtask's title and add it. Subtasks can be reordered, assigned to different main tasks, or made independent.
Brite's advanced task management features enable users to create a personalized and highly efficient workflow. By utilizing these tools, users can enhance their productivity and ensure that no detail is overlooked. Whether it's through setting priorities, attaching files, or creating subtasks, Brite offers a comprehensive solution to manage your tasks effectively.