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Problems with Synchronization and How to Fix Them

Synchronization issues in Brite can prevent your data from appearing consistently across all your devices. Here’s how to identify and resolve common synchronization problems:

1. Mismatched Account Credentials

The most common reason for synchronization issues is logging into different accounts on different devices.
- Check Connected Devices: To verify, go to the Brite app or web version, and navigate to your profile settings. This can be done by clicking on the profile icon at the bottom of the left sidebar menu, then tapping on your profile picture at the top. In the profile settings, scroll down to see the list of connected devices.
- Ensure Consistent Login Information: If a device that isn’t syncing doesn’t appear on the list, ensure you log into that device using the same credentials as your primary device. For example, if you signed up with an email and password on your iPhone, use the same email and password to log into Brite on your Windows laptop.

2. Manual Synchronization Needed

If all devices use the same account but still face syncing issues, you might need to manually trigger a sync.
- Manual Sync: Navigate to settings in Brite, and at the bottom, you’ll find a synchronization button. Pressing this forces a manual sync of your data across devices.

Troubleshooting Tips

- Check for Updates: Ensure all your devices are running the latest version of Brite. An outdated app can cause synchronization issues.
- Check Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial for synchronization to work smoothly. Verify that all devices have internet access.
- Restart the App: Sometimes, simply restarting the Brite app can resolve synchronization issues.
- Contact Support: If none of the above steps work, reach out to Brite support via the chat feature in the app or by emailing hello@britetodo.com. Provide details of the issue, and the support team will assist you in resolving it.
Remember, keeping your Brite app updated and ensuring you're logged into the same account across all devices are key steps in maintaining seamless synchronization.