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Quick Editing Feature in Brite: Streamline Your Workflow 

Brite's Quick Editing feature is designed to enhance your productivity by allowing you to make swift actions with entities like tasks, habits, events, or text blocks in notes. This feature simplifies content management, enabling you to efficiently manage your tasks and notes with ease.

How Does It Work?

Imagine you have a list of tasks, and you wish to change the due date for several of them. Instead of editing each task individually, Brite offers a quicker solution.

For Tasks, Habits, and Events:

- On Smartphones and Tablets: Simply swipe left on the item in the list. An action panel will appear at the bottom of the screen, offering options such as changing the date, renaming, deleting, or copying the item. Selecting one of these actions will apply it immediately, saving you time.

For Notes:

  • Brite utilizes a block structure for its text editor, allowing you to edit text block by block.
- On Mobile Devices: Swipe left on the text row you wish to edit. An action panel will appear, enabling you to copy, paste, delete, or perform other actions on the selected block.
- On Web or Desktop Versions: Click and drag with your pointer over the text block to select it. A similar action panel will appear, providing options to manage your selection effectively.

Benefits of Quick Editing:

The Quick Editing feature in Brite significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage your digital workspace. By offering intuitive and fast ways to perform common actions, it allows you to stay focused on your tasks without getting bogged down by manual adjustments.


Brite's Quick Editing feature is a powerful tool that streamlines your workflow, making task and note management more efficient. Whether you're using Brite on your mobile device or desktop, Quick Editing ensures that you can make rapid changes with minimal effort, enhancing your overall productivity and Brite experience.