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Reporting Issues and Providing Feedback in Brite

At Brite, we prioritize our user experience and constantly strive to improve our app. If you encounter any bugs, errors, or have feedback to share, we encourage you to report these issues. Here are the ways you can communicate with our team to help us make Brite better for everyone:

1. **Report a Bug via Settings**

- Navigate to the settings menu from the left side panel of the app.
- Scroll down to find and select the "Report Bug" option.
- In the report form, specify the area where the issue occurred, provide a detailed description, and attach any relevant screenshots or videos.
- Include your email address so our team can follow up with you.
- Hit "Send" to submit your report. Our team will review the information provided and reach out to you with a response.

2. **Contact Us Through Support Chat**

- Access the help center within the app.
- Look for the "Send Us a Message" button to start a conversation about the issue you've encountered.
- Describe the problem in detail and attach any supporting documents or media.

3. **Email Us**

- For a more direct approach, you can email us at hello@britetodo.com.
- Provide a comprehensive description of the issue, including steps to reproduce it, screenshots, or videos, and mention your device type and app version.

4. **Community Support**

- Visit our community forum on the Brite website to share your experience or report the issue.
- This platform allows you to engage with other users who might have faced similar issues or have suggestions for workarounds until a fix is deployed.
By reporting issues and providing feedback, you contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of Brite. We value your input and are committed to addressing concerns promptly to ensure a seamless experience for all users. Thank you for helping us enhance Brite!