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Setting Due Dates for Tasks in Brite 

Brite enables users to efficiently manage deadlines by setting due dates for tasks. This feature helps in organizing your schedule, ensuring that you meet your project deadlines and personal goals on time. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set and manage due dates for tasks in Brite.

How to Set a Due Date for a Task:

1. Select a Task: Navigate to the task list and click on the task you wish to set a due date for. This will open the task's detail card.
2. Access Date Settings: At the bottom of the detail card, look for a calendar icon accompanied by a clock icon. This represents the start date and time of the task.
3. Set Start Date and Time: The left section of this date setting shows the current date and time the task was created or last modified. Click on this area if you wish to adjust the start date and time.
4. Set Due Date and Time: On the right side, you'll find an empty field designated for the due date and time. Clicking on this field will bring up a calendar view where you can select the desired due date and specify the time.

Using Quick Date Options:

For added convenience, Brite provides quick menu options for setting due dates:
- Today: Quickly set the due date to the current day.
- Tomorrow: Set the due date for the next day.
- Custom Date: For more flexibility, choose "Custom Date" to open a calendar view where you can select any future date and time as the due date.

Changing the Due Date:

If your task's deadline changes, you can easily adjust the due date by revisiting the task's detail card and following the same steps to select a new due date.

Importance of Setting Due Dates:

Setting due dates in Brite not only helps in prioritizing tasks but also in visualizing your workload over the coming days and weeks. It allows for better time management and ensures that no task is forgotten or overlooked.
If you encounter any difficulties while setting or changing due dates, or if you have any questions about task management in Brite, our support team is always available to assist you. Remember, with Brite, managing your tasks and meeting your deadlines becomes simpler and more intuitive.