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Sharing Task Links in Brite

Brite enables users to effortlessly share tasks with team members, friends, or family, enhancing collaboration and productivity. Here’s how you can share a task link in Brite:
1. Find the Task: Navigate to the task list and locate the task you wish to share.
2. Access Sharing Options: Tap on the three-dot menu adjacent to the task to reveal additional options.
3. Copy or Share the Link: Select the "Copy Link" or "Share" option. This action copies the link to your clipboard or opens a sharing interface.
4. Share with Others: Paste the copied link into an email, message, or any messenger app to share it with your desired recipients.
By sharing a task link, recipients can directly access the task details, making it a seamless way to coordinate on projects or shared responsibilities. This feature is particularly useful for collaborative efforts, ensuring everyone involved has instant access to the task information.