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Tracking Time and Utilizing Focus Mode in Brite

In Brite, managing time effectively on tasks is essential for productivity and focus. By setting up task durations and utilizing the Pomodoro or focus mode, you can enhance your work efficiency and track the time spent on each task. This article guides you through the process of adding time tracking to a task and engaging focus mode in Brite.
Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Setting Up Task Duration:
- Navigate to the task you wish to set a duration for.
- In the task's detail card, locate the two-panel section at the bottom.
- Find and press the icon symbolizing 'Duration.'
- Select the desired time duration for your task (e.g., 10, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes). The chosen duration will now be displayed next to the task title.
2. Using Focus Mode to Track Time:
- While working on a task, you may wish to track the actual time spent. For this, Brite offers a 'Focus Mode.'
- To activate Focus Mode, go to the detail card of your active task.
- In the lower part of the card, within the two-panel section, locate and press the 'Focus' button.
- Upon activation, a timer will begin, minimizing distractions by highlighting only the task at hand. The elapsed time is tracked, helping you stay on task and manage your time effectively.
3. Utilizing Pomodoro Technique (Optional):
- If you prefer the Pomodoro technique, you can integrate it by setting the task duration to 25 minutes (standard Pomodoro session) and taking short breaks after each session.
- Use the duration and focus mode in tandem to adhere to the Pomodoro intervals.
- Enhanced Focus: By isolating your attention to one task at a time, you reduce distractions and increase productivity.
- Time Awareness: Knowing how much time you've allocated and spent on tasks helps in better managing your day.
- Efficiency: Tracking work sessions encourages more disciplined work habits and breaks.
Time management is crucial for productivity, and Brite's duration setting and focus mode are designed to help you better manage and track your time on tasks. Whether you're employing traditional time management or the Pomodoro technique, Brite facilitates a more organized and efficient work approach.
For further assistance or more advanced features, please visit our Knowledge Base or contact our support team.
Remember, effective time management starts with being mindful of how you allocate and spend your time. Utilize Brite's features to enhance your productivity and stay focused on your goals.