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Troubleshooting Notification Issues in Brite 

Experiencing issues with receiving notifications from Brite can impact your task management and productivity. If you're encountering problems with notifications, the following steps can help resolve the issue effectively.

Ensure Notification Permissions are Granted

1. Check Notification Access: Confirm that Brite has been granted permission to send notifications on your device. This can typically be done through your device's settings under "Notifications" or "Apps & notifications."

Address Focus Mode and Do Not Disturb Settings

2. Focus Mode/Do Not Disturb: Ensure that your device's Focus mode or Do Not Disturb settings are not preventing Brite notifications from appearing. Adjust these settings to allow Brite notifications through.

Restart Brite and Your Device

3. Restart App and Device: Log out of Brite and then log back in. Additionally, restart your device to refresh the system and app functionalities.

Update Brite

4. Update to the Latest Version: Ensure Brite is updated to the latest version available. Updates often include fixes for known issues, including notification problems.

Keep Brite Open

5. Keep App Open: If using Brite on a web browser, keep it open in at least one tab. For desktop applications, ensure the app is running in the background.

Reset Notifications (macOS)

6. Reset Notifications on macOS: If using Brite on macOS and not receiving notifications, try resetting the notification settings specifically for Brite in the System Settings under "Notifications."

Disable App Blockers and Battery Optimization

7. Turn Off App Blockers: Disable any app blockers or cleaners that might interfere with Brite's ability to send notifications.
8. Disable Battery Optimization: Battery-saving modes can restrict background app activity. Ensure Brite is excluded from battery optimization settings to allow notifications to be sent.

Enable Brite Notifications

9. Check Brite Notification Settings: Ensure Brite notifications are enabled in your device settings. This typically involves navigating to the Brite app settings within your device's settings menu and ensuring "Allow Notifications" is turned on.

Send a Test Notification

10. Send a Test Notification: Use Brite on a different platform (web or desktop) to send a test notification to your device. This can help verify if the issue is with the device or the Brite app settings.

Check Reminder Settings

11. Review Reminder Settings: Ensure your reminders in Brite are set up correctly to receive notifications as desired. This includes choosing the correct notification type (mobile, desktop, email) and ensuring automatic reminders are configured to your preference.

Get Further Help

If you've followed these troubleshooting steps and still encounter issues with receiving notifications from Brite, please reach out to our support team. Provide detailed information about your issue, including screenshots of your settings, device information, steps you've tried, and any relevant details about your Brite setup. Our team is committed to assisting you in resolving your notification issues promptly.