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Using Brite as a Bill Reminder 

Managing finances can be a meticulous task, but Brite can simplify it by acting as your personal bill reminder. Here's how you can utilize Brite to stay on top of your payments, from one-time payments to recurring bills like credit card payments or utility bills.

Step 1: Create an Event or Task

First, navigate to your Brite dashboard. Here, you can create a new event or task by selecting the "+" button. Label this with the specific bill you need to remember, such as "Electricity Bill" or "Credit Card Payment."

Step 2: Set the Due Date

Specify the due date for your bill by selecting the date field within your event or task creation screen. This ensures you know exactly when the payment is due.

Step 3: Set Up Repetitions

Brite allows you to set up repetitions for your tasks or events. This feature is perfect for recurring bills.
  • Go to the detail view of your task or event.
  • At the bottom, find the "Repetitions" option in the toolbox menu.
  • Select this, and a menu will appear where you can choose how often this bill needs reminding. Options include weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom intervals.
By setting up a repetition schedule, Brite will automatically remind you each time the bill's due date approaches.

Step 4: Receive and Act on Reminders

Brite will send you notifications based on the due dates and repetition settings you've established. Ensure your notifications are enabled in Brite to receive these alerts.

Step 5: Mark as Completed

Once you've paid the bill, you can mark the task or event as completed. This helps keep your finance management organized and provides a clear view of which bills have been handled and which are still pending.
By following these steps, you can transform Brite into a powerful tool for managing your bills, ensuring you never miss a payment again. Stay organized, stay on time, and manage your finances effectively with Brite.