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Using List View in Projects in Brite: A Guide

In Brite, managing your tasks and projects efficiently is straightforward with our versatile List View feature. This view is ideal for those who prefer a structured and clear overview of their tasks. By default, when you access a project, tasks are presented in List View, sorted by the date they were created, with the newest tasks at the top and older ones towards the bottom.

How to Use List View in Brite:

1. Accessing List View: Navigate to the project you're working on. By default, tasks within a project are displayed in List View.
2. Understanding Task Order: Tasks are automatically sorted based on their creation date. This means that newly added tasks will appear at the top of the list, making it easy to keep track of what's new.
3. Switching to Board View: If you prefer a more visual organization style, Brite also offers a Board View or Kanban style. To switch, simply select the 'Board' tab located at the top of the project page. This will transform your task list into a drag-and-drop kanban board.
4. Managing Tasks in List View: Each task can be easily managed within the List View. You can:
- Edit task details by clicking on the task.
- Adjust priorities, deadlines, or assignees directly from the list.
- Use the checkboxes to mark tasks as completed or use the options menu for more actions like edit, delete, or move.
5. Customizing List View: While List View is set to sort tasks by creation date by default, you can customize this view to sort tasks by priority, deadline, or custom labels by using the filter and sort options available at the top of the list.
6. Efficient Navigation: Quickly navigate between tasks using the scroll function or search for specific tasks using the search bar at the top of the project page.
Brite's List View is designed to enhance your project management experience by providing a clear, linear view of your tasks. Whether you're planning a large project or managing daily to-dos, List View helps keep your tasks organized and accessible. Remember, you can always switch between List and Board views depending on your preference or the needs of your project.