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Using Pomodoro and Focus Mode in Brite App

The Brite app incorporates features like the Pomodoro Technique and Focus Mode to enhance productivity and concentration. These tools are designed to help you manage your time effectively, break work into intervals, and minimize distractions.

Adding Pomodoro Widget to Main Screen

1. Open Widget Gallery: In the Brite app, navigate to the widget gallery to find the Pomodoro widget.
2. Add Pomodoro Widget: Select the Pomodoro widget and add it to the main screen of Brite on your smartphone for easy access.
3. Web App or Mac App: You can also add the Pomodoro timer widget to the side panel on the web app or Mac app for desktop use.

Setting Timers

- Prebuilt Timers: Choose from prebuilt timers like 25 minutes for a standard Pomodoro session. For users with ADHD, options for 15 or 30 minutes are available to suit different concentration spans.

Using Focus Mode

1. Select a Task: Navigate to the detail card of any task, note, or goal you're working on.
2. Enable Focus Mode: Select "Focus Mode" to launch the timer. The Brite interface will blur, except for the screen you're currently focusing on, minimizing distractions and helping you concentrate on the task at hand.

Benefits of Pomodoro and Focus Mode

- Improved Productivity: Breaking work into manageable intervals with short breaks can significantly boost productivity and prevent burnout.
- Enhanced Concentration: Focus Mode helps you concentrate on a single task by reducing visual clutter and distractions.
- Adaptable Timing: Different timer options cater to various work styles and attention spans, making the Pomodoro technique and Focus Mode suitable for everyone.
- Increased Motivation: Completing work sessions can increase motivation as you see tangible progress on your tasks.

Additional Tips

- Customize Timers: While prebuilt timers offer convenience, feel free to adjust the duration according to your specific needs and preferences.
- Track Progress: Use the Pomodoro widget to track how many focus sessions you've completed throughout the day.
- Combine With Other Features: Integrate the Pomodoro and Focus Mode with Brite's other productivity tools for a comprehensive approach to managing your tasks and time.
Incorporating the Pomodoro Technique and Focus Mode into your workflow with Brite can transform how you approach tasks, leading to more productive and focused work sessions. Explore these features to find a rhythm that works best for you and make the most of your time.