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Solving the hardships of doctor’s work with Brite
Oliver is 24 y.o. and he has the hardest job in the world - he is a doctor in one of the most famous and largest hospitals in the country. The profession of a doctor requires maximum concentration, because in specialists hands is the health, and often the life of the patient. In order to be calm and not keep personal matters in mind during the workday, Oliver uses the Brite app, which completely arranges his daily tasks in orderly symmetrical pigeon-holes and allows him to be fully focused on his favourite job.
The hardships of the doctor's work
The profession of a doctor demands engrossment at work. Oliver is a young, but very valuable specialist who combines work and the study of many additional materials, because he needs to always be aware of new developments and inventions in the field of medicine. Study and work take literally all the time, leaving not a single free minute.
Sometimes I have work shifts in the hospital for several hours, and often even for 24 or 36. After being on duty, I am tired to death, I want only one thing: to get home and go to bed. In view of my professional activity and the rhythm of life, all things besides work were neglected, so I realized that I needed a convenient assistant.
Meeting with Brite
Every person, through cut-and-try method , finds for himself the very thing that completely satisfies him. Oliver used a lot of apps, but none of them caught on to him. The Brite app captivated Oliver with its simplicity and functionality.
After downloading the Brite app, it hooked me with the fact that all the functions I needed were concentrated in one place, and their adjustment and use did not require any tutorials. Everything is easy and intuitive, any action can be done literally in one click.
Basic necessary functions
The most important functions for Oliver: tasks, goals and habits. The young doctor notes the convenience of distinguishing tasks into personal and work.
In my work tasks, I always have work deadlines and small goals that often fly out of my head. My personal tasks contain all the challenges outside of work, which structures my personal life.
Habits are an integral part of every person's self-development. Oliver is used to writing down his additional tasks in habits, for example: to read 20 pages of literature on surgery.
It is very convenient to work with habits in this app: you choose or add a habit, set the number of repetitions and make clarifications for yourself in the description. It’s soo easily and quickly.
However, the most valuable thing for Oliver is the goals. It is very important to see what goals are in front of you in the near future and move towards them, keep track of the deadline closer.
The Future with Brite
There is a lot of functionality in the Brite app that is still under development and will be implemented in the near future. Shopping lists, food diary, workouts are very important and necessary functions for a person of the 21st century. Oliver is waiting for these developments, because they will simplify his life even more.
I will definitely use the app further and expect new products. It is very convenient when everything I need for a comfortable life is on one screen. I don't want to use other apps specialized for one function, it's much more convenient for me to have "all in one". I am also attracted to the chat with the developers of this app, where I can ask any question or make suggestions, and I always get feedback instantly, it can not but please!
The Brite app makes life comfortable. Oliver has the opportunity to be relaxed outside of work, because the app structures his day, notify about important events and tracks the implementation of habits. With the help of this app, it is very easy to be organized and not to miss any little things.