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Amanda uses Brite to plan whole day in one place
"Every morning I open Brite - and immediately see what my day consists of, all in one app - it's very convenient!"
Amanda is a valuable employee - a designer in the field of veterinary medicine, an amateur sportswoman and a loving wife and mother at the same time. Creating design projects at work, a schedule of workouts, massages and body care procedures, fixing the names of teachers in children's clubs and plans for the weekend with her husband - how to remember everything and realize all plans?
“Every morning I open Brite - and immediately see what my day consists of, all in one app - it’s very convenient”
Acquaintance with Brite
Amanda got to the Brite app in all sorts of roundabout ways. Everyone wants to accommodate work and personal affairs in 24 hours, but it's hard not to stuck in a rut without a good planner.
Amanda tried everything: from handwritten diaries to a variety of apps for organizing the day, but after 2-3 weeks of use, the diaries were in the trash, and the apps were permanently erased from the phone's memory.
“One day I downloaded the Brite app and a week later I wanted to buy its premium version. Now I have been using this app for about 6 months and I am completely satisfied with it”
Benefits of Brite
Based on the type of occupation and social status, each person finds especially important functions of the app for themselves.
The most important thing about the Brite app is its functionality. In all apps that I have tried the functionality is limited to a narrow range of tasks, while into Brite I can literally fit my entire day: write notes, create important events in the calendar, mark the progress of my habits. The premium version has the functions of finance, meditation and insights, which also makes life easier”

Anything to improve?
Amanda also shared with us the reverse side of using the app, but it was more feedback than negative comments. A list of movies/books/TV series, a medicine tracker, storage - what is missing.
However, it is worth noting that all this is already in development and will soon be operational.
Amanda wants to do everything at once, without harming her health and having an opportunity to spend time with her loved ones. She appreciates Brite for the fact that she fits everything that happens in her life in this app, which makes timely reminders and encourages after completed tasks and worked habits.
Her life has become much easier, because a minute-by-minute day in the app refreshes her memory in the morning, making it impossible to miss even the smallest task, and the picture of completed tasks and habits brings a sense of satisfaction, pride and the motivation to go on before going to bed.