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Creativity with Brite
Liam is 30 years old and he is a writer of fiction. Often, inspiration creeps up unnoticed, and it is important not to miss the moment and write down an idea for a future masterpiece. The Brite app helps Liam not only to fix his ideas, but also to write down his works completely.
Giving up everything in favor of Brite
The way of finding the suitable app is always very long and difficult. Liam used many apps, each of which was responsible for a separate function, but eventually he realized that it was very time-consuming and he began to look for an analogue that could replace all his apps.
I spent a lot of time switching from one app to another and filling out certain things in each of them. I started looking for an app that would really save my time and I found Brite. At first, it was a little scary to delete all the usual apps, but after a short time I completely trusted Brite.
The convenience of Brite
Liam notes the convenience of the app in viewing all widgets on one screen, which means constant awareness in all walks of life: tasks, goals, habits, finances and even the weather.
I love this app for having everything within one finger movement. I have conveniently adjusted the screen to my needs and priorities, and now I start every morning with Brite to refresh everything I need in my head and finish every evening with Brite to mark what I have done and set new tasks.
Brite and writing
Writers are creative and refined people. Even when they are not sitting at a pile of paper or a laptop, they are still constantly in the vein. Liam is used to noticing the smallest details on the street, in conversation with friends, in the store - to record them, and use them in his compositions.
There is a constant stream of thoughts in my head that need to be written down somewhere, otherwise - goose is hooked. I'm not working on one text, I always have several compositions, so it's very convenient that there is a project function. There are separate projects for each work, in which I have notes for the introduction/ main part/ conclusion, for detailing the characters, for general thoughts and ideas. This helps me to free my head from information so that there is a place where new thoughts can come?
Constantly being in a creative process, Liam does not think about what is happening around him, and often paying bills, extending insurance and other household chores pass him by. Brite helps to organize not only creative, but also everyday space to keep all areas of life under control.
With Brite, I stopped missing important events and paying fines for overdue deadlines, I put everything in the calendar, set a reminder and here I am in the right place at the right time!
The Brite app is an excellent assistant not only for careerists or family people, it is also suitable for creative people, for whom it is important to keep everything under control, although it is not easy due to creativity and emotional temperament. Liam's life has become much easier with the start of using Brite, and the works have become even brighter and exciting, because not a single detail is missed.