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Dream team with Brite
Alex is 27 years old and he works in the field of SMM as a marketer. The key point for the SMM developer is a clear statement of project goals, timely completion of tasks and work in a tight-knit team that is engaged in one single idea. Brite helps Alex and his team structure the entire workflow, as well as use all the functions of the app not only for the work area, but also for self-development.
The need for an electronic assistant
For a person of the 21st century, it is very important that all the affairs will be well structured and organized in one place. Alex is engaged in marketing, so he always has to keep in mind a lot of tasks and ideas for his projects. Before using the app, he set everything down in his notebook, but half of those deals were forgotten, because paper media will never remind you of an important meeting or a project deadline.
Initially, I wrote down all my work and personal plans in a common pocket notebook, but when things piled up faster and faster, everything started to mix up and it turned out to be a mess. Drawing a calendar and writing down the meetings and events there is impossible for a person who values his time, so, fortunately for myself, I found the Brite app, which immediately replaced all paper and separate electronic apps for me. One of its most important advantages is clear notifications without failures, which do not allow me to forget about essential things.
Brite for the team
To develop excellent products, you need a cohesive team that works together for one good cause. In the field of marketing, the team also plays a huge role in creating the best products and for career growth within the team. The Brite "Collaboration" function allows Alex to create a workspace for the whole team: set common goals, create joint projects and share new ideas in the messenger.
Every day I develop cool ideas and products together with my team. When everyone writes down common goals somewhere in their personal apps, confusion begins because someone has not heard something or has forgotten. At Brite, we have a single workspace where everyone sees the tasks, goals and ideas of the whole team. We are completely synchronized with each other and this brings us success in our work.

In addition to work, everyone wants to develop themselves and get better every day. It seems that it doesn't take much effort to start learning a new language or to grow meditation into a habit. However, this is not true. Self-development also requires self-organization, which Brite helps to achieve successfully.
Work comes first for me, but like any other person, I want to develop in other areas on my own. I regularly take various courses: English and Spanish, targeting, design. I put all my classes in the Brite calendar and it helps me not to miss lessons and always be concentrated on study. When I get very tired and burn out, I reflect in my mood diary to get rid of negative emotions, and then I set up meditation and relax.
The Brite app is a great helper not only for each person, but also for the whole team. Such popular professions as IT specialist, PR manager, designer, app developer and many others imply teamwork, which can easily be organized in Brite.