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Productive life with Brite 
Elizabeth is only 23 years old, but she has already become a professional chef, thanks to diligence and lots of efforts. A young, positive girl with an active lifestyle: she wants to combine her favorite work, meetings with friends and family and rest for herself. The job of a chef consists in details: an extra gram of salt or pepper, and the dish is spoiled. It is impossible to keep every recipe in your head, especially when there are so many things to do besides work. The Brite app helps Elizabeth organize her day from work notes to personal life events so that no recipe and meeting will be forgotten.
Daily Planner Search
In most cases our users take long to get to the Brite app and try a lot of apps before finding the best one: Elizabeth was a little more lucky. Previously, she always used handwritten diaries, but in the 21st century everyone is trying to find an electronic analogue to familiar things: it is always much easier, more compact and more convenient. When Elizabeth realized that writing diaries and notebooks were burdening her life, she began to look for an app for herself that would replace her notebook. The search was not really long?
The use of handwritten diaries became more and more inconvenient and I decided to find an app that would become the same diary for me, but in a more convenient format. The first app I downloaded was Brite. I understood that it was my cup of tea and I settled on it.
Advantages of Brite
The Brite app is famous for its compactness: all the functions necessary for life in one place. Our user Elizabeth also notes this advantage and appreciates Brite precisely for this.

Most of all, I liked that everything is collected here: notes, tasks, habits tracker, finances, mood diary, meditations. There are functions for any sphere of life, which is very pleasing. I know that there is a nutrition diary, workouts, a women's calendar in development - it also cannot but please, because such functions simplify and structure life even more.
Willpower support
It worth noting that there are 2 very nice features in Brite that also distinguish the app from a handwritten diary: alerts and encouraging words after the work done.
When I'm immersed in work, sometimes I even forget to eat. Fortunately, in the Brite app, I can easily set up an alert system that will not let me forget about even the smallest things. A glass of water on an empty stomach, vitamins before eating, reading my favorite book before going to bed - I can easily forget about it or consider it unimportant, but after the notification I have no choice and  "obey" my favorite app, and after completing the task, I always get a pleasant compliment ☺️
For every person who wants to live an interesting and productive life, the Brite app becomes a real friend. Elizabeth perfectly organizes her time and combines work and rest. If you lack self-organization and you want to fix it and live a full life, then the Brite app will perfectly help you with this!