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Right hand of a mother in maternity leave 
Emily is a valuable lawyer, but most importantly - a loving wife and mother of two wonderful kids. Before the birth of children, Emily coped with her personal and work tasks, but after the addition to the family, there was more hassle and the strength to remember all the daily chores ceased to be enough. The Brite app helps Emily keep everything she needs in one place, which significantly saves time and effort that she gladly spends on her family.
The need for an assistant
With the birth of children in the life, every mother tries to find time to redo all everyday things, to devote much time to children and her husband and not to forget about herself. Emily faced exactly such a problem: two babies, 1.5 and 3 years old, who require all the attention of their beloved mother and do not let her relax for a minute. Emily began to miss important events, arrange meetings with different people at the same time, her home routine also failed, as a result - lost nerves and confusion in her head.
After the birth of my children, my rhythm of life changed cardinally: I have to do everything at once: from washing to planning an upcoming family trip out of town. That is why, my head is constantly full of various things, most of which have no deadline, which in my situation means that I will never remember them. So I was looking for an app where everything will be in one place.
Brite Assistant
Many users note the versatility of Brite for conducting personal and work tasks and goals, Emily is absorbed in family life, but in the Brite app she found many functions for personal life which simplify her daily routine.
The most frequent use is tasks for the day
I note literally every little thing in the tasks: to cook scrambled eggs for breakfast, hang out the wash to dry, drink evening tea in the kitchen ... this helps me not to forget about inconspicuous things that are difficult to keep in mind, because I am literally never left to myself and there is always someone who will distract me.

In second place in terms of usage are notes. In the notes, the young mother keeps lists (accounting) what she needs to buy: groceries in the store, clothes and toys for children and what is already there: loads a first aid kit with expiration dates into the lists to always track the suitability of the medicine or even everything that is in the fridge so that don't forget to buy the necessary things and not to overbuy.
A calendar where Emily notes family and personal events, which should not be forgotten is also essential for comfort life.
Returning to life without Brite
Go back to life without this app? Emily wouldn't want that. She is an ardent optimist and will not grieve if she loses the full list of her first aid kit or misses several important meetings along with the app, but the loss of comfort that Brite gives her will be a total deprival.
The Brite app contains my entire day. In my situation, with two small children, this app is irreplaceable. It is inconvenient to use several apps for different purposes, while you open one, the child will distract you and now you have already forgotten what you wanted to record and which app to open next. It seems that these are seconds, but in my situation, every second is precious.
Emily highlights that the Brite app saves her strength, nerves and time, which is so important for a young mother, because she can spend more time with her beloved family in complete peace.