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Coaching with Brite
Chloe is 40 years old, she is a coach, conducts both individual trainings and for whole families. Chloe loves her job and devotes all her time to it, but she does not forget about her personal life, so every second is insanely dear to her. The Brite app helps her save time and then spend it on pleasing activity.
App Usage History
It is really difficult to find a planner app that will fully satisfy all the requests that exist in the head. Few functions, unattractive design, difficult settings are common problems. Chloe notes that she used thousands of apps before the "meeting" with Brite.
Before the Brite app, I used a whole list of apps, but they were more dead than alive. I wanted something compact, convenient and, most importantly, bright, because there are already a lot of problems and discouragements around. The Brite app seemed very fresh and positive to me from the first meeting: a concise design with a variety of colors and no greyness and despondency, so I started testing it.
Favorite app features
The Brite app is designed for a comfortable life, so it includes both the most popular calendars and notes, as well as functions specialized in narrow branches of work or leisure (meditation, training, finance). Each user finds the most necessary and important functions for himself.
I use a large number of functions, because it simplifies my life so much: habits, notes, goals, calendar, income and expenses are all in my daily routine. I use Brite apps both on the phone and the web version - it's convenient to do both there and there, depending on what exactly I need and what the situation is. The main thing is that everything is in one place and everything is synchronized, I am always aware of all work and household chores.
Help in the profession
Chloe uses Brite 50% for work and 50% for personal. The app with the ability to create spaces for different spheres of life helps her a lot in coaching and greatly simplifies the coordination and organizational aspects of trainings.
In the app, I can create a space for coaching, for example: for a certain family with whom we are dealing with a common problem, in this space I can mark the dates of our meetings in the calendar, set reminders for both the whole family and its individual members, establish habits and track their implementation - everything is displayed for all families, which greatly speeds up and facilitates the process. Everything is very clear and I can set reminders and notes both for the whole family and for an individual.
The value of Brite
The app has both a standard and an extended - Premium version. Chloe believes that the price should always be equal to the quality of the product.
Brite has a paid premium version, but if you think about it, the app in which you can find everything for organizing life costs the same as each individual app for a particular function. As a result, for the price of one function, you get an entire app that accommodates each of them.
Time and comfort are most valuable things for every person. Chloe devotes one hour on Sunday to upload all the important information to Brite: reminders, meetings, new habits, homework for training and other little things to structure the day, as a result: the whole week goes like clockwork. For a person who values his time, the Brite app is really irreplaceable.