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Blogging with Brite 

Britney is a jack-of-all-trades: an interior designer, a public relations and network marketing specialist, but her main job and hobby is a blog. All these activities involve multitasking, which is what the Brite app helps her with. Britney stopped working tirelessly, now her every activity is structured and competently organized, which opens up great opportunities for her to relax and spend time on herself.
The appeal of Brite
There are thousands of daily planner apps on the market for planning personal and work affairs and tasks, and each such app finds its user. Britney notes that she has tried different types of apps: from a single function in an application to “all-in-one”, but she has a soul for Brite.
I used a variety of applications, but there was something wrong everywhere. One day I accidentally stumbled upon the Brite app and reading positive reviews became interested in it. Since I am a designer, I always pay attention to the interface, which in this case is very pleasant. I downloaded the app, opened it and everything was so intuitive that I stayed with it.
Advantages of Brite for blogging
The functionality of Brite is extremely wide, because this is an all-in-one app. Britney, whose main path is blogging, notes the advantages of this application. She uses the app on both her phone and iPad, depending on the situation.
I use a lot of the app's functions, because if they are there, why not make my life easier and free up time for personal pleasures.
The most favorite work functions: calendar, tasks and ideas.

I always have meetings, phone calls and days for advertising posts on Instagram scheduled in my calendar.
In the tasks, I schedule my day the day before, so that when I wake up in the morning, I already know exactly what awaits me and how to calculate the time.
In my ideas, I have my spontaneous thoughts,which are then formed into posts on my page.
For her personal life, Britney uses habits, meditation and the weather, which also allows her to fully control this area of life.
Habits are my sore subject, I have no willpower and it is always very difficult to maintain good habits. I do it much better with the app.
Changing the quality of life
When an assistant appears in our life, we can always breathe a sigh of relief. The Brite app also helps to unload work and personal affairs. Britney noticed a clear improvement in her life, especially in her progress at work and her emotional state.
The app really helps me to cope with all tasks faster and less energy-consuming. Due to the fact that I know that my every field of activity is laid out on the shelves and I will not miss a single deadline, I am always calm, it gives me the strength not to give up and not burn out from work.
Thus, an assistant in the world, whose rhythm is barely possible to keep up, is simply necessary for everyone. Britney highlights noticeable improvements in productivity and her condition when she is not loaded from head to toe with chores and problems. She breathes deeply and finds time for rest and entertainment. This is necessary for everyone who does not want to get bogged down in routine and forget about happiness.