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Brite's Monumental Update 2.0.71 is Live

Dear Brite Community,
We're excited to announce that after two months of dedicated work and valuable feedback from you, our monumental update 2.0.71 is finally here! This transformation brings a host of enhancements and new features to elevate your Brite experience.

General Updates:

- Integration & Translation Improvements:
- Refined Google Calendar integration.
- Enhanced Japanese translation.
- Visual & Functional Enhancements:
- Advanced sorting for repeatable items.
- Additional color palettes for a more personalized visual experience.
- Enhanced projects board and list layout.
- Customizable app icons.
- Full-width diary window for desktop users.
- Task Management:
- Simplified task completion in the habits details section.
- New support center and comprehensive tutorials for desktop version.
- Revamped visuals and custom background images for spaces.
- Streamlined saving with a new button in entry card headers.
- Beta features: Custom repeat options, task types, lists, and sorting options.
- Augmented real-time synchronization across devices.

Budget Tracker Upgrades:

  • Personalize with icons for custom budget categories.
  • A reimagined look and user experience in the finance section.
  • New budget management features including a repeat function for entries, specific budget amounts, comprehensive overviews, and customizable accounts.

Calendar Enhancements:

  • Improved Google Calendar integration.
  • Enhanced month-view display and event management.
  • Upgraded logic for repetitive and recurrent events.

Pomodoro Tracker Revamps:

  • Upgraded system design and functionality.
  • Redesigned visuals and new completion banner.
  • Customizable pomodoro duration.

Habits Tracker Upgrades:

  • Refreshed design and user experience.
  • In-depth view with a calendar in the details section.
  • Simplified task completion and enhanced tick box.
  • Beta feature: Custom units for habits.

What's Brewing for the Future?

  • Anticipate our Apple Watch release.
  • Exciting new widgets on the horizon.
  • Advancements in event repetitions and notifications.
  • Detailed stats for habits and more.
We're committed to providing a seamless experience as you manage your tasks and goals. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please reach out at hello@britetodo.com with any suggestions or thoughts.
Thank you for being a vital part of the Brite community. Here's to better organization, achieving more, and reaching new heights together!
Warm regards,
The Brite Team