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Brite 2.0.66 Update: Your Requests, Our Deliveries

Dear Brite Family,
We're buzzing with excitement to share the latest improvements in Brite Daily Planner, directly inspired by your feedback! The 2.0.66 update, rolled out 9 months ago, is packed with enhancements aimed at elevating your planning and productivity experience.

Customization Galore:

- Personal Touch: Add your flair with customizable background images—choose randomly or upload your own.
- Widget Wonders: Personalize widgets with custom colors, titles, and icons, plus a new settings menu for finer control.
- Editor Enhancements: Enjoy the custom color picker and date picker for tables, making your notes and plans more vibrant and organized.

Functionality and Convenience Boosts:

- Mobile Editor Upgrades: A richer mobile editing experience with mention menus, block adjustments, markdown processing, and more.
- Collaboration Made Easy: Share your brilliance with share and invite buttons for notes and projects, and keep track with counters for kanban boards.
- Notifications and Insights: Stay informed with web and email notifications, and gain insights with new categories and sounds.

Feature Optimizations:

- Smoother Operations: Experience enhanced countdown sorting, a more intuitive load more button for Kanban boards, and improved Google Calendar sign-in.
- Sync and Stability: Improved entry syncing, event positioning, budget tracking, and calendar filtering for a seamless planning journey.

Your Feedback in Action:

- Issue Resolutions: We've tackled reported issues head-on, improving password management, habit restoration, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Exciting Road Ahead:

- Future Innovations: Look forward to a mobile app framework update, new versions for macOS, Android, Apple Watch, a schedule mode for the main screen, and templates for counters.
Your support fuels our mission to make Brite the ultimate productivity companion. Enjoy these updates and stay tuned for more enhancements on the horizon. Your planning journey is our priority, and we're thrilled to evolve alongside you.
Thank you for being an essential part of our community. Here's to achieving and organizing better together!
The Brite Team