What's new

Brite Milestone update August

improved Google calendar integration
Improved sorting for repeatable items
Additional colors for visual customization
Improved projects board and list
Customizable app icon
Full width diary window for desktop
Tap hold and compete in habits in habits details section
Support center for desktop version 
Support tutorials and reviews 
Improved visuals
Improved Japanese translation
Custom background images for spaces
New save button in the header of detailed entry card
Improved spaces sync in real time
Custom repeat for all types of entries BETA
Custom tasks types and lists BETA
Sorting for main screen, custom by date, by priority BETA
Improved real time sync for task details
Improved synchronization between devices
Various bug fixes and improvements
Ability to add icon to custom budget categories
Reworked visuals and UX for finance section
Repeat for finance entries
Select budget amount for entry
Budget statistics and balance
List of budget accounts in main menu
Real time update for finance categories titles, icons, balance and data
Budget accounts, create, edit and customize
Year, month and day period selector for budget 
Edit, rename and remove options for budget accounts
Ability to change existing budget categories
Ability to change the custom budget categories
Various fixes and improvements for budget
Now hidden google calendars are automatically hidden in brite 
Improved month mode for calendar
Now the newly created events are getting removed if they have no content
Improved repetition logic for calendar
Calendar groups (Apple, Google and local calendars) for calendar list
Improved sync for repeatable Apple Calendar events 
Various improvements and fixes for calendar
Improved Pomodoro logic and design
Improved collapse logic and visuals for pomodoro
New Pomodoro complete banner
Improved visuals and functionality of focus mode
Improved pomodoro duration selector
Improved habits visuals and ux 
Calendar for habits details section
Layout options for habits detailed section detailed and minified
Improved visuals for habits details 
Now it's possible to complete habit, by pressing on habits calendar
Tick box for habits details section
Habits units Beta
What next?
Apple watch
Android widgets
Custom repetition
Improved notifications
Detailed statistics for habits
Sorting for all sections
Detailed statistics for all sections