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Brite Update 2.0.56: Unveiling New Features for Enhanced Productivity

Dear Brite Community,
We're thrilled to reach out with exciting news about our latest update, version 2.0.56, where we've introduced not one, but three innovative features to enhance your productivity and well-being. Alongside, we've made several improvements to the app's performance and interface for an even smoother experience.

Introducing New Features:

1. Countdown Timers: Keep track of important events and dates with our easy-to-use countdown timers. Customize each countdown with photos and receive notifications at crucial moments, including one day or a week before the event.
Visual Customization: Personalize your countdowns with custom photos, making each event visually unique and easily recognizable.
Flexible Reminders: Set up advanced reminders to get notified exactly when you need it, whether it's a week or a day before the event, ensuring you're always prepared.
Intuitive Interface: The countdown timer is designed for ease of use, allowing you to quickly add and customize timers directly from your dashboard.
2. Pomodoro Timer: Boost your focus and work efficiency with the Pomodoro technique. Integrate a Pomodoro widget on your My Day screen and set a countdown to structure your work sessions, minimizing distractions and enhancing discipline.

Customizable Work Intervals: Tailor the length of your Pomodoro sessions and breaks to match your personal productivity rhythm.
My Day Integration: Seamlessly add a Pomodoro widget to your My Day screen, keeping your focus sessions in view alongside your daily tasks.
Taptic Engine Feedback: Experience subtle tactile feedback through the Taptic Engine as you start, pause, or complete Pomodoro sessions, enhancing your focus and engagement.
3. Relaxing/Concentration Sounds: Enhance your focus or relaxation with a curated library of sounds. From the calming flow of water to the serene chirping of birds, select and combine sounds to create the perfect background melody for your tasks or relaxation moments.
Curated Sound Library: Choose from a wide range of high-quality, relaxing, and concentration-enhancing sounds, from gentle water flows to serene bird chirps.
Sound Combination: Mix and match different sounds to create a personalized background melody that suits your current mood or task.
Widget Gallery Integration: Easily add sound widgets to your My Day screen, allowing quick access to your favorite soundscapes for an instant focus or relaxation boost.

What Else is New?

- UI Overhaul: Enjoy a refreshed and more intuitive user interface designed to make navigation and task management even more seamless.
- Performance and Bug Fixes: We've ironed out bugs and further optimized the app's performance for a flawless user experience.

Coming Soon:

- Mac Desktop App: Get ready for the launch of the Brite Mac Desktop app, tailored to bring your productivity to larger screens.
- Face ID/Touch ID Support: Enhance your privacy with upcoming biometric lock options, keeping your information secure and personal.
We can't wait for you to explore these new features and improvements. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please share your thoughts and suggestions at hello@britetodo.com. Together, we'll continue to refine Brite to suit your productivity and well-being needs.
Thank you for your ongoing support. Here's to achieving more with Brite!
Warm regards,
The Brite Team