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Brite Update June

Introducing the New Brite: Boosting Your Productivity Effortlessly. Discover the latest updates to our user-friendly productivity app that will revolutionize how you manage tasks, stay organized, and accomplish goals.

In this update we were focused on improving the stability, integrations with Apple and Google calendar, Ipad version and a lot of other things

Here's a list of new features and improvments

New features:
Sync calendar statuses between the devices
Search in chats
Profile page of user
Chat capability for profile page
Focus mode for events
New add task panel for Ipad version
Reworked add entry logic for Ipad
Reworked options on menu
Chat in spaces
Reworked members section in spaces
Search in chats
Search withing messages
Improved sync between tabs
Improved Apple Calendar sync
All the changes of events in apple calendar now syncs
Improved offline mode
Offline indicator
Improved sync between devises
Ability to remove type of task
Improved finance categories
Improved space selector
Improved stability of updating the profile data
Numerous improvements of chat
Switching weeks in calendar
Reworked pomodoro UI
Improved focus mode on iPad
Drag and drop for multiple items
Improved responsible option
Reworked reordering of tags
Improved share features
Improved customer support tools
Massive improvements for iPad UI
Improved text editor on iPad
Turning off the password if you forgot it
Now spaces are getting opened after opening the share link
Now you can change title for custom finance categories
Upgrade to the latest version of Brite and experience enhanced productivity, seamless collaboration, and improved organization. Discover how these new features and improvements can revolutionize the way you manage tasks and achieve your goals effortlessly.