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Brite Update November

In this version, we've done tremendous work and seriously improved the overall performance and user experience of Brite's Mobile App. It's more than 100+ improvements in interface and app performance.
And also, some new features:
Reengineered tasks and new subtasks feature:
-You can now add subtasks to tasks by simply dragging one task under another
-You can add subtask to subtask
-You can even add a subtask to a subtask that is a subtask of another subtask! In other words, now Brite allows you to dive deeper into planning, creating, and managing your to-do lists and projects.
New drag-and-drop algorithms for all entities. Much smoother and with taptic engine support. You can now feel the screen's vibration as feedback when you change the order of your tasks or while editing your document.
Also, we want to announce two upcoming launches that we have been working on last few months:
Mac Desktop App! The fully featured Brite Mac App is designed especially for Macs on Intel and M-series chips.
And, of course, the apple watch app. We are finishing testing these amazing new apps and will release them in December.
Also, Brite now supports additional 22 languages:
We hope you will enjoy this significant update, and as always, you can send us a message at hello@britetodo.com