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Brite Update October

Introducing 10 Brite Productivity Super App Update
We've prepared some very important updates. Here they are:
Offline mode for mobile application - now Brite works without internet access. Stay productive on the go.
Completely updated iPad version - we've redesigned the iPad app, improved the interface, now it's very convenient to use Brite on the tablet.
IOS widgets for iPhone and iPad OS - now you can quickly view your to-do list, habits or call the widget you need right on the desktop of your smartphone or your iPad
Markdown editor in notes, with the ability to create documents and tables and share them with other users. You can create complete documents, edit notes, knowledge base tables. We've added support for Wiki structure and backlinks so that Brite can implement our own Zetelkasten system.
Updated sync between all devices - even faster and more stable syncing, so your data is instantly available on all devices
We are also testing apps for the Apple Watch, and we plan to release them in the next week. It is important to note: desktop version, iPad version, Apple Watch apps will be available at no additional cost. Everything under a single Brite Pro subscription
During the week we will also release:
Synchronization with local calendars (iCal, Google Calendar)
More than 200 changes in design, interface, task logic, calendar, notes, synchronization. More details can be found on our Roadmap