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Convenient space for work and personal life

Sam is 29 years old, he is IT project manager and a sportsman. He is also fond of self-development and self-improvement. Work and personal tasks were always mixed up in his head, so the productivity of one of the spheres was constantly decreasing, and Sam decided to fix it. During the AppStore search, he chose the first app that attracted him with its design - Brite. After downloading it, he didn’t want to try something else, because now all his work and personal tasks are collected in one place and clearly structured.
The problem of every modern person
Time is the most valuable thing we have. Sam tries not to waste it and always stay in good shape, be productive, but in the frenzied rhythm of our century, sometimes he forgets even about food, rather than about some work or personal tasks that are often so important.
I urgently needed an app in which I could consolidate literally my whole life and be calm that everything is always with me. Now is a time when every person has a thousand opportunities to become better and develop, and it is extremely difficult to keep all their plans and ideas in mind. After downloading Brite, I realized how much free time I had, when all my affairs are now organized in one app.
Important functions of Brite
Sam uses various functions of the app - from the most popular to the less well-known, but no less significant. Tasks, goals, a habit tracker, notes and body measurements - all this helps him develop self-discipline, which plays a huge role in achieving any goals.
The most important functions for me are tasks and goals. On one screen I see what I need to do specifically today or in the future. I also see the priority of each of the tasks, which helps me to allocate time correctly and not to postpone for later, accumulating deadlines.
Notes act as a global editor for me, where I can not only write something down so as not to forget, but also build tables, add quotes, dividers and so on.
For my sports interests, I use body measurements, I keep track of which way they change and adjust the training and nutrition plan based on this, it's very convenient.
Personal and work space
The Brite app is created for both personal and work purposes. The most attractive function is the separation of spaces into personal and work.
In order not to blend two main areas of my life - personal and work, I use two spaces in the app. In my personal space, I write down everything that concerns my self-development, everyday affairs. I organized the workspace so that there were only business moments, which, by the way, is very easy to share with colleagues.
Positive impact of Brite
The Brite app greatly simplifies people's lives, freeing up time for something more enjoyable than constantly thinking about what else remains to be done, and what of the cases has been missed and forgotten.
My life has changed with the appear of Brite, I feel very comfortable with it, because I don't have to keep a bunch of things in my head, I can just store everything in one place, because the main goal is to unload my head from a large flow of small tasks.
Everyone wants to succeed in the work and personal spheres equally, not missing the opportunity to move up the career ladder while paying full attention to their self-development and loved ones. Sam, who had problems with organizing self-discipline and deadline control, became noticeably more productive and freer with the start of using the Brite app.