What's new

March 2024 Update

Spring is not just a season of renewal in nature but also in the realm of productivity and organization with Brite. We’re thrilled to announce the first update of March 2024, bringing fresh, user-driven improvements to your favorite productivity tool. Let's explore what's new and how these enhancements can brighten your workflow.

What’s Blooming in Brite:

1. Enhanced Tagging Experience:

- Inline Tag Selection: Tags are now more interactive; simply click on any inline tag to set it, streamlining your task categorization process.

2. Color Picker Enhancements:

- Experience a revamped color picker, offering a broader spectrum and more nuanced control over your color selections for a more personalized Brite experience.

3. Upgraded Error Logging:

- We've improved error logging for a smoother, more transparent user experience, helping you understand and resolve any issues faster.

4. Celebratory Touches:

- Confetti Animation for Goals: Achieving goals is now even more rewarding with a joyful confetti animation to celebrate your accomplishments.

5. Task Management Improvements:

- Enjoy improved sorting in the completed tasks section, making it easier to review your achievements and organize your completed items.

6. Keyboard Shortcuts for Enhanced Efficiency:

- Introducing new keyboard shortcuts for quicker editor blocks selection and for selecting all blocks within the editor, enhancing your note-taking and content creation process.

7. Sharing and Collaboration Enhancements:

- We've made significant improvements to note sharing, facilitating smoother collaboration and information distribution.

8. Fixes and Integrations:

- Tagging and Calendar Integration: We've resolved the issue with adding new tags and enhanced calendar integration for a more seamless scheduling experience, ensuring functionality even when access is initially denied.

Looking Forward:

This March update reflects our ongoing commitment to refining Brite based on your valuable feedback and our dedication to innovation. But this is just the beginning - we have more exciting features and updates on the horizon designed to enhance your productivity and organization.

We're excited for you to explore these new features and improvements. Your success is our success, and we hope this update makes your Brite experience even more enjoyable and effective. As always, we value your feedback and look forward to hearing about your experiences with these new enhancements.

Stay organized, stay productive, and most importantly, stay Brite!