What's new

May Update: Quick edit mode upgraded

 As we step into May, Brite is excited to roll out a fresh update, packed with features designed to enhance user experience and provide more flexibility in how you manage your daily activities. This update introduces a range of features from a brand new Quick Edit Mode to improved task and habit management tools. Let's delve into what's new and how these features can streamline your productivity.

What's New in Brite:
  • Quick Edit Mode:

    • Dive into Brite’s new Quick Edit Mode designed for faster adjustments and streamlined task management. This feature allows you to make quick edits on the fly, enhancing your efficiency and adaptability.
  • Enhanced Photo Integration for Body Measurements:

    • Now you can add photos to your body measurements within Brite. This visual component helps you track your physical changes more vividly and accurately.
  • Automated Main Screen Updates:

    • The main screen will now automatically switch to the current day after midnight, ensuring that you always start your day with an up-to-date view of your tasks and schedule.
  • Customizable Units for Habits:

    • Set units for your habits, such as glasses of water, miles run, or pages read, adding a tailored approach to how you track various activities.
  • Advanced Weekday Interpretation in Text Processor:

    • Brite’s text processor now intelligently interprets weekdays mentioned in your inputs, helping to organize your schedule more intuitively.
  • Image Previews and Quick Duration Settings:

    • Open image previews directly from the list for a quicker review, and swiftly set durations for any type of entries, simplifying time management.
  • Dynamic Counter Updates:

    • Remaining days in counters now update automatically when switching between days, giving you a more accurate countdown for your tasks and projects.
  • Improved Interaction and Accessibility:
    Enhancements in the chat preview allow you to see conversations related to specific entries without leaving your current screen. This integration ensures smoother communication and better context management.
    Enhanced Support and Optimization:
    With improvements to the help center and optimizations to the editor, navigating and utilizing Brite becomes more intuitive and responsive.
    Brite’s May update is designed to enrich your experience with thoughtful enhancements and new features that cater to your evolving productivity needs. Whether it's through better visual tracking, enhanced automatic updates, or smarter scheduling tools, Brite continues to support your journey towards efficient and effective personal and professional management.