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Product Update: New Features and Improvements 

Our team has been working hard to provide new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. In this latest update, there are a lot of exciting changes that users will find helpful and convenient.

One of the most prominent additions in this update is the new dynamic theme that adds a fresh look to the interface. Users can now also apply filters to every section, including habits and the main screen, allowing for more personalized organization. The update also introduces a resizable image and video editor, enabling users to adjust their media's size according to their preferences.

The update also includes significant improvements in the tables section, such as sorting, support for different data types, and filtering by tags. Pressing enter now adds a new row in tables, while the editor interprets markdown for easier formatting.

Users can now drag and drop files into the editor and add YouTube videos by pasting the link. Moreover, the image size automatically adjusts when loaded into the editor. The checkbox in the editor now changes order upon completion, making it easier to track progress.

In addition to these features, users can now download images from the preview screen and receive alerts when launching a Pomodoro counter while another counter is already active. The password system for locking the main screen has also been improved for better security.

For project management, the update now allows users to see icons of the users invited to a project and resize and change position for the cover image for entries. Users can also check who was invited to their project and will be notified of any new tasks added to the project.

To further improve the user experience, the update adds country flags to icon pickers and brings a lot of UI improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

In conclusion, this update introduces a host of new features and improvements that are sure to enhance users' productivity and workflow. The development team has done an excellent job of listening to users' feedback and implementing changes that will make the product more user-friendly and intuitive. With these improvements, users can take advantage of more customization options and streamlined features to better manage their tasks and projects.

Here's a list of all the updates included in this product update:

New dynamic theme

Filters for every section, including habits and the main screen

Resizable images and videos in editor

Sorting for tables

Support for different data types in tables (e.g., number, email, tags, etc.)

Filtering tables by tags

Drag and drop files in editor

Ability to add YouTube videos by pasting a link in editor

Pressing enter in tables adds a new row

Image size adjusted when loaded in editor

Checkbox in editor changes order on completion

Editor interprets markdown

Download images from preview screen

Alert when launching Pomodoro counter if another counter is already active

Improved password system for locking main screen

See icons of users invited to a project

Resize and change position for cover image for entries

Check who was invited to project

Participants notified of new tasks added to project

Countries flags added to icon pickers

UI improvements


Bug fixes

We hope this list provides a helpful overview of all the updates included in this latest product update!