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November Update: ADHD Edition


In this eagerly awaited update, we're thrilled to introduce a comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for individuals with ADHD!
Noise Library (Brown, White, & Red Noise): Discover a soothing symphony of background noises designed to enhance focus and productivity. Whether you're working, studying, or relaxing, our noise library is your secret weapon for maintaining concentration and reducing distractions.
Routines Library: Unlock your true potential with our library of pre-built daily routines. Crafted with ADHD management in mind, these routines provide structure and consistency to your day, helping you stay organized and on track. Customize routines to suit your specific needs.
ADHD Journaling Library: Capture your thoughts, reflections, and ideas effortlessly with our new ADHD Journaling Library.
Designed to support your emotional well-being and productivity, this feature provides a space for self-expression and self-awareness.
ADHD Goals Tracker: Setting and achieving goals has never been more seamless. Our ADHD-specific goal templates guide you through the goal-setting process, making it easier to track your progress and celebrate your achievements.
ADHD Challenges Library: Challenge yourself and embrace growth with our Countdowns Library, now transformed into the ADHD Challenges Library. Designed to help you tackle everyday tasks and goals, these challenges keep you motivated and engaged.
Pomodoro Timer for ADHD: Take control of your focus and time management with our specializ
Pomodoro Timer setups. We understand that ADHD manifests differently, so we've tailored specific configurations to cater to different ADHD types— whether you're inattentive or hyperactive, our Pomodoro setups are designed to help you work in focused bursts while allowing for regular breaks, optimizing your productivity.
New ADHD-Friendly Backgrounds: We've also added five new backgrounds specially designed to help ADHD brains focus.
These backgrounds provide a visually supportive environment that complements your tasks and enhances your concentration.
That's not all! We've also made significant performance enhancements, improved stability, and fine-tuned various aspects of the app. This update is designed to provide an even more seamless, user-friendly, and ADHD-friendly experience.
Download the latest version of Brite now and harness the full potential of your productivity!"
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