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Own affair with the Brite app

Mason is 29 years old, he is a successful entrepreneur and a person with a constant desire to develop and learn new things in his field of activity. In business, self-discipline and total control of each project is an important part, which is what the Brite app helps Mason with. It is no longer necessary to have multiple applications for each work task, Brite replaces them all.
The appearance of Brite in Mason‘s life
Entrepreneurship is one of the most popular branches of the economy today. Many people strive to open their own business, because it allows you to be your own boss and rely only on yourself. But can everyone handle it? Absolutely not. Mason started his business slowly, but as soon as it began to peek up speed, a large volume of projects knocked him off his feet and he realized that he needed to learn how to organize his work.
When my business took off, I stopped keeping up with the course of events and realized that I needed something like a diary where all the information on each project would be stored. Writing by hand is long and tedious, and I started looking for an app for my phone. After downloading about a dozen of them, I used each one a little and deleted those that I didn't like. In the end, there was only one thing left - Brite. Brite was the totality of all those apps that I deleted, that's why I settled on it, all in one, it's very important to me.
Business with Brite
Any business project requires a lot of attention and concentration. For his work, Mason prefers calendar, finance, notes and projects most of all.
For me, the most important functions that help me run a business are my calendar, expences, notes and projects. Everything is simple in the calendar: I always register all meetings with suppliers and buyers there. Reminders always work clearly, and I never miss important events.
The most valuable things for me are notes and projects. I make a specific "folder" for each project, where I save all the documents and keep notes. There is a lot of functionality in the notes, which makes me very happy, I can create tables there, insert any picture with important information, highlight the main thing in any color - everything is very bright and clear.
While running my business, it is very important to monitor the income and expenses of the company, so I use "expenses" on an ongoing basis to always keep track of this important component of the business.
Personal functions of Brite
Everyone wants to learn how to keep a balance between private life and work, but not everyone succeeds. After Mason established his business affairs, he began to devote more time to his personal life. The habit of recording everything in the app has already become stronger in him, and now he is happy to use Brite as a personal assistant.
In addition to business, I am actively involved in sports. This helps to unload the head, the forces are restored faster, ideas come all fresher and more interesting. I use habits not to forget to exercise and eat right and body notes to see my progress. It's always motivating.
Thus, Mason proved first of all to himself that he can cope with running his own business and keep his body and personal life under control if there is someone on whom you can "throw off" the whole routine that clogs your head and someone who will motivate you to further achievements. Brite combines these two functions - support and motivation, with such an assistant, everything will definitely go uphill.