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The best productivity blogs of 2021

Not only are these productivity blogs insanely popular, but they are also regularly updated to help readers improve their workflows. By "work," we do not just mean the professional aspect of your life; it could also be something you are trying to manage but always fall a little short on.
In any case, you should visit the attached productivity blogs in your spare time. The right decision now would be to bookmark this post or save it for later visits. The following productivity blogs are packed with content that supposedly defines life goals, work ethic and sportsmanship in a whole new way.
At the top of the list is the nTask blog. nTask is not only the most popular project management tool among users, but it also relies heavily on increasing productivity through various insightful blog posts. We have a dedicated section with specific content that will help you improve your professional or technical skills.
2. lifehacker
Lifehacker is literally the boiler room version of the internet. Office workers, average people, aspiring entrepreneurs, and all sorts of people flock to this weblog to gain insight into productivity.
3. Silly little man
Dumb Little Man was founded by web blogger Jay White: Jay White as a place to rant. He shared his personal experiences and conclusions for everyone else to comment on. Some people were inspired, others shared their own anecdotes.
4. LifeDev
Although LifeDev has a minimalist design that may not pique your interest at first glance, there is much more to this productivity blog. The headline says it all: "Anyone can have an idea. Making them a reality is a whole other challenge."
5. 99U
Success is 99 percent you and 1 percent genius! We did not just make that up; Thomas Edison once said it. He was right: success is usually always a result of the hard work we put in day in and day out. 99U is all about providing inspiration through various practical examples.
6. The digital project manager
The Digital Project Manager is run by Ben Aston and his team - it was founded in 2011. This productivity blog focuses on the modern aspect of getting more done in less time. The content throws out conventional management formulas to replace them with productivity hacks that work in the new millennium.
7. Stay productive
Keep Productive is not only visually appealing, but also the latest version of a productivity blog. We especially liked the "feel" that entices you to read blog after blog simply for the sake of reading.
8. barking up the wrong tree
This is a productivity blog with a witty commentary. The name gives it away, but while perusing the site, we found a lot of interesting articles.
9. makeUseOf
MakeUseOf is one of the best technology-focused productivity blogs. Most of the nTask employees are already addicted to it as this blog is filled with all sorts of articles.
10. Maria Forleo
Motivational speaker Maria Forleo entertains her online readership via a productivity blog. It's a unique portal - different from the traditional motivational speakers who come up with big words and flamboyant speaking style.
11. get rich slowly
Founded by J.D.Roth in 2006, Get Rich Slowly is a blog for entrepreneurs who want to achieve personal and financial freedom. The articles on this blog will teach you how to become productive and manage your finances in the best way possible.
12 Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt grabs the attention of his readers by giving them tips for personal and professional success in life. If you want to succeed in the areas of health, relationships, intellectual growth, hobbies, passion, and productivity, this blog provides content for you. It's about multidimensional success that improves the lives of everyone around you.
13. zen habits
Zen Habits was founded by Leo Babauta. In this blog, he talks about the simplicity and mindfulness he achieved by changing his habits. He has figured out how to focus on what is important and motivate himself to create. In his article, he shares his findings and his personal experiences.
14. the muse
The Muse offers career-related productivity tips to its readers. If you want to advance your career and find a dream job, The Muse will help you throughout your career journey. You'll get practical advice on how to find the job you want, succeed in your career, and explore unique career paths.
15 Tim Ferriss Blog
You may have heard of Tim Ferriss' best-selling book, Four-Hour Workweek. He's on Fast Company's Most Innovative Business People list and Fortune's 40 Under 40. He is a tech investor and advisor to some renowned tech companies like Uber and Facebook