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Welcome 2023 with Brite Update 2.0.64: Enhanced Stability and More!

Dear Brite Users,
Happy New Year! ? As we step into 2023, we're excited to kick things off with our latest update, 2.0.64, designed to enhance your Brite experience and set the stage for an even more productive year.

What's New in Update 2.0.64:

- Enhanced Stability: We've made significant improvements to the app's stability, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience as you plan and organize your day.
- Apple Sign-In Feature: Signing in to Brite has never been easier, thanks to the improved Apple sign-in feature, offering a seamless integration for iOS users.
- Bug Fixes: Our team has diligently addressed and fixed various bugs to refine the functionality and usability of the app.
- Improved Text Processor: Enjoy a more robust and flexible text processing experience, making note-taking and task management even more intuitive.
- Cross-Link Support in Notes: Enhance your notes by easily linking to other notes, projects, or tasks within the app, creating a more interconnected planning environment.
- Sharing Feature for Projects and Notes: Collaboration is key to success, and with the new sharing feature, you can easily share projects and notes with team members or friends.
- Preparing for Full Features Mac Version: We're putting the final touches on the full-featured Mac version of the Brite app, ensuring a seamless transition and expanded functionality for macOS users.

We Value Your Feedback:

Your input is crucial to our continuous improvement. For any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to write to us at hello@britetodo.com. Your ideas and experiences help shape Brite into the ultimate productivity tool.
Thank you for your continued support and trust in Brite. Here's to a year filled with achievement, organization, and success!
Warm regards,
The Brite Team