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Welcome to Brite!

? Hi There! Thanks for downloading Brite! In this note, you can read more about how Brite can help you organize your life and how it differs from other tools.
Brite is a tool that allows you organize and structure your personal life and work in one app and gain your focus back.

What makes Brite different from other tools is that it:
Replaces 15+ other types apps for productivity and allows you to use just one convenient app
This app is only for you. You can deeply customize almost every part of Brite so it would perfectly fit all your needs.
Works on every device and both online and offline. 
In short, that's what Brite is. It's a powerful productivity super app that will skyrocket your productivity, and you will no longer need other tools. Everything you need you can find in Brite.
What tools are there in Brite?
Tools for your productivity:
Task Tracker & To-do Lists
Project management with Kanban
Powerful Calendar
Daily planner
Pomodoro Timer
Repeatable tasks
Tools for self-improvement
Mood Tracker (60+ mental technics included)
Meditation tracker (60+ guided audio meditations)
Goal Tracker (60+ prebuild goals)
Habit Tracker (80+ prebuild habits)
Body measurements
Tools for content creation
Notes editor
Tools for collaboration
Project sharing
Shared workspaces
We are constantly working on adding new features to Brite. Soon we plan to release:
Fasting widget
Food diary
Grocery list
Training widget
How to use Brite
Brite will become the best tool for your productivity. People are using Brite for:
Todo/task lists
Daily scheduling
Drafting and sharing thoughts and notes
Track mood and monitor stress level
Plan week or month
Collaborate with team or organize family chores
The best thing is that you can simply start adding your tasks and thoughts to Brite. Brite adapts to your needs. You can choose and use Brite library features and customize the main screen as needed.
So, let your journey to organized life begin. Good luck!